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Angel Whispers

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website,

Its been a wonderful journey the past 40 years of giving readings helping others, all over the world. Living in Austria and Cornwall England

Doris is a well travelled Psychic Medium , Healer , Paranormal Investigator, And working as a Herbal Witch, in healing,

receiving her own wake-up call when we moved to a new home with her mother and two brothers in the early 1970's

Doris is able to contract with loved ones in Spirit , who together with her Spirit Guides and Angels and other guides that come forwards , Will help you in all area of your life,

She offers in-depth accurate guidance and presents all information in a kind and sensitive manner,

Doris has experience all sorts of outcomes in her life time,

I had the honour to have met, many other Psychic Mediums, the likes of, Doreen Virtue , Colette Baron -Reid, Steven Farmer, John Edwards,

Photo of myself and Colette Baron -Reid, 

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